Product Information Management

Effectively centralise your product information for faster time-to-market and consistent omnichannel experiences with our PIM system.

Technical Specification

Comprehensive Product Information Management

Our Product Information Management software provides a comprehensive data model that supports product information across various categories and attributes. With our software, you can easily manage large volumes of data with a flexible and scalable architecture, integrating it with existing systems such as ERP, PLM, and CRM.

Taxonomy and Relationships

Customisable Product Organisation.

Our PIM software provides a customisable taxonomy and hierarchy that allows you to organize your products based on categories, attributes, and relationships. With this feature, you can create and manage different variations of products such as size, color, and packaging, and enjoy advanced search and filtering capabilities for easy navigation and discovery of products.

Marketing Data

Centralised Marketing Data Management.

Our PIM software not only helps you manage technical data about your product. You can also store marketing-related data such as product descriptions, features, and benefits. You can enable targeted marketing campaigns and personalised content delivery, ensuring that your marketing efforts are more effective.

Localised Data

Customisable Localisation Workflows.

You can manage country-specific regulatory information such as compliance requirements and certifications, ensuring that your products meet local regulations. With our software's integration with localisation tools, you can enable efficient translation workflows and customisable localisation workflows to fit the needs of different industries and regions.

E-Commerce Data

Manage Your Sale Channels.

Streamline your e-commerce operations with our robust product information management (PIM) system, designed to manage and distribute accurate product data across all your sales channels. Boost conversions, minimise errors and improve customer experience.

Workflow Management

Your own Bot.

Report Management

Effective reporting.