Daena Artwork Automation

Unique automated artwork production technology that drives Adobe® Illustrator®, enabling a fast, fully compliant, transparent and accessible journey to artwork creation. Work live and in real-time with Adobe® Illustrator® PDF artwork files, which can be taken on and off the automation conveyor belts at any time. Driven by Score PIM, .xls files or XML data inputs.

Artwork Inputs

Automate fully editable Adobe® Illustrator® files.

Accelerate your process to get your products in market faster, with significantly increased on-shelf quality and consistency. Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to continually tighten brand and roll-out rules as your range and brand evolve, regardless of geographical location.

Progress value is 50%


Increase your print ready artwork capacity by up to 50%

The benefits of artwork automation:

  • Right-first-time packaging artwork automation technology delivers 100% right-first-time artworks every time
  • Artwork production studio efficiencies increase by up to x50 per artworker
  • Increased brand, range and geographical consistency
  • Increased compliance of on-shelf packaging quality
  • On-pack data synchronisation between your artwork files (and packaging on-shelf) with your own Product databases
  • Complete audit trail compliant across every stage of the Design-to-Print and ecommerce/metaverse content creation process
  • Automate any volume or any complexity of packaging artwork, point-of-sale, ecommerce/metaverse content for any language format

Data Sychronisation

Data synchronisation between your artwork files and your own product databases

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Brand Product Database Integration

One source of truth driven directly from your pack copy system.

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Sync Artwork Data

Removes the chance of injecting copy and pasting errors.

Multi Regional

Increased brand, range and geographical consistency

One source of centralised 'truth' data held in an easily accessible structured format - and not locked away in an artwork file

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Full Automation

Complete automated artworks.

Our packaging, point-of-sale and ecommerce end-to-end management systems and workflow technologies make time at work slick, and time away from work D2P worry-free.

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Digital Asset Management

Files Secured.

Report Management

Effective reporting.