API Integration

Our systems feature a rich API to allow you to integrate our products into your processes and workflows. With detailed diagnostic tools and rich datasets you can build our automation and reporting into your artwork processes.

Inbound API connectivity

Effortlessly Automate Project Creation, Quoting, and Invoicing.

Our tools can ingest your artwork and pack copy data to drive automated project, SKU and client brief creation and generate quotations and invoices from a detailed price matrix that matches precisely to your agreed client rates.

Outbound API

Access Project Data to Empower your Business.

By calling your project data through our API you can use it to generate detailed reports or add in control of our systems to your own in-house management systems.


Airlock Cleans your API Data.

Accept client data in any digital format via our client brief approval interface you can build input templates that map arbitrary client field names into our GS1 compliant field names thus keeping all of your internal data consistent throughout, whilst still retaining the ability to generate output data in your clients preferred conventions.


Our API functions have been tried and proven to reduce time to studio by automating as much as possible of the account management and administration work and to significantly increase the quality of data received. No more copy and pasting from a badly formatted Excel file, all pack copy data is stored and approved in a centralised location.

  • Reduces administration time
  • Reduces the opportunity for mistakes.
  • Increases consistency of data
  • Increases quality of inputs and therefore outputs

Workflow Management

Your own Bot.

Report Management

Effective reporting.